Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to the Cutest New Blog!

<3 Hello and Welcome to kawaii by Kaitlyn's offical blog and storefront! <3

Kawaii by Kaitlyn is handmade super cute jewelry, fashion accessories, apparel, artwork, and more created by Kaitlyn Millet.

I am Kaitlyn and I will be posting new products regularly that I created myself.

Currently, I only sell online but am trying to get my cute stuff in children's boutiques, specialty shops, and consignment stores in Louisiana.

Pretty soon, I hope to have my "cuties" displayed in Children's Armoire in Covington, LA.

I have previously had my kawaii-style handmade goodies at Fleur De LisSalon in Covington, LA but it didn't sell as well as I had hoped. :( I hope to change that!

I have been creating items exclusively for children lately and I think I found my calling--to make cute things for infants, young kids, and mommies, plus some sweet boutique-quality-loving fashionistas!

Please leave me a comment on what you think of my handmade stuff!


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